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the stickboys podcast

The Stickboys podcasts are about one thing and one thing only - traditional bowhunting. No fluff, no industry promotion, just normal guys talking to normal guys and gals about their uncommon adventures with the stick and string.  Don't forget to to check out our youtube channel, and thanks for listening!

May 25, 2020

.This week we're joined by our buddies Ethan Henson and Josh Overcash to talk about planning and tactics for whitetail hunting out of state in a round table format.  We cover everything from selecting a state to hunt, to using terrain features and e-scouting, to laying good old fashioned boot leather to select the best...

May 20, 2020

Join us for our first installment of side readings from the den of a bowhunter.  Our buddy Chad Slagle will be reading Bowhunting Alaska's Wild Rivers by Jay Massey.  This book is a classic in traditional bowhunting by one of the greats of our sport and is no longer in print, making it extremely hard...

May 18, 2020

This week we visit with our buddy Chad Slagle and talk about a multitude of things from a chance encounter with Fred Bear and how Jay Massey influenced Chad to take up the stick and string, to just plain old bow hunting!

May 11, 2020

This week we sit down with Tom Vanasche to discuss close encounters as Tom tells us about some exciting hunts for Oregon black bears and Alaska brown and grizzly bears!  

May 4, 2020

On this weeks episode we sit down with Jeff Lander of Primitive Outfitting.  Jeff runs one of North Americas premier outfitting services, and has been a loyal and generous supporter of the PBS for many years.  Topics covered are everything from guided hunts and hair raising experiences with bears, to today's hunting...