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the stickboys podcast

The Stickboys podcasts are about one thing and one thing only - traditional bowhunting. No fluff, no industry promotion, just normal guys talking to normal guys and gals about their uncommon adventures with the stick and string.  Don't forget to to check out our youtube channel, and thanks for listening!

Sep 25, 2021

On this episode we're joined by our good friends and fellow Stickboys Alan Altizer, Aaron Miller, and Nathan Killen.  The guys go over the aspects of the October Lull and what that really means.  We discuss strategies and how to find and hunt deer during this challenging time frame.

Sep 18, 2021

This week Alan Altizer sits down with us as a follow up to last week podcast on marginal wind in mountainous terrain.  This week we discuss how to use marginal winds in flat terrain.  The features may be more subtle and have different factors to influence micro wind currents, but they are there!  Learning how to use...

Sep 11, 2021

This week we sit down with our buddy Alan Altizer for a deep dive into utilizing marginal winds to hunt mature bucks.  Alan goes in depth explaining this much overlooked tactic, and explains the advantages along with all the little details you should consider when exploiting this to get close to that bruiser buck!  If...

Sep 4, 2021

If you haven't heard, our buddy Nathan Killen is officially part of the crew now!  Nathan has been a great buddy of ours for a while now and has always been a big part of what we do at The Stickboys,  and now he's official!  This week we catch up and talk about the upcoming season, some things we've got in the works,...