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the stickboys podcast

The Stickboys podcasts are about one thing and one thing only - traditional bowhunting. No fluff, no industry promotion, just normal guys talking to normal guys and gals about their uncommon adventures with the stick and string.  Don't forget to to check out our youtube channel, and thanks for listening!

Jan 15, 2022

This week we visit with Mike Roberts of Sauk Trail Archery.  Mike grew up in traditional archery with his father Jerry Roberts, starting the business in 1981.  Through the years Mike has seen a lot of changes come and go to traditional bowhunting, but through it all it's still the love of the chase, getting close, and the simplicity of the stick and string that gets him.  We discuss topics ranging from an 18 year old young man on his own in ten square miles of Canadian wilderness figuring out running baits for bears on the fly, whitetails and muleys, adventure, spending time with family.  Join us for a great conversation with a genuine, down to earth guy!