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the stickboys podcast

The Stickboys podcasts are about one thing and one thing only - traditional bowhunting. No fluff, no industry promotion, just normal guys talking to normal guys and gals about their uncommon adventures with the stick and string.  Don't forget to to check out our youtube channel, and thanks for listening!

Sep 28, 2020

This week we sit down with Chris Parrino and talk about some of the many adventures he's had and some of the incredible adventures he's had with stick and string!  Chris has had some crazy adventures and yet is as down to earth and humble as a guy can get.  Great conversation with a great guy!!

Sep 23, 2020

Join us in this weeks episode as Chad Slagle presents our final installment of Bowhunting Alaska's Wild Rivers by Jay Massey.  We would like to to extend a hear felt thank you to the Massey family for allowing us the opportunity to share this now rare and out of print book.  Jay was a pioneer in modern...

Sep 21, 2020

This week we sit down to discuss saddle hunting and where to start with them.  Joey has been utilizing saddles for not only deer, but many other species for over 20 years now.  You can say he was a saddle hunter before saddle hunting was cool!!  On this episode, Joey explains some of the things he's learned along the...

Sep 14, 2020

Woodsmanship... it's one of those things that you pay for, but you certainly can't buy!  Alan Altizer and Nathan Killen are two of the most knowledgeable woodsman you will ever find.  We sit down to discuss skills and observations they've learned over the years that will help you become an all around better woodsman and...

Sep 9, 2020

Bowhunting Alaska's Wild Rivers by Jay Massey.  Chapters 10,11 & 12