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the stickboys podcast

The Stickboys podcasts are about one thing and one thing only - traditional bowhunting. No fluff, no industry promotion, just normal guys talking to normal guys and gals about their uncommon adventures with the stick and string.  Don't forget to to check out our youtube channel, and thanks for listening!

Nov 26, 2022

This week Dalton and Ethan sit down with Bill Thompson of Spartan Forge.  Bill spent a large portion of his 20 years of service in the military predicting the movements and targeting of the bad guys.  Using those skills, he has developed a mapping application that also utilizes decades of scientific research on whitetail deer to help hunters process information effecting deer habits and movement patterns.  Spartan Forge isn't your typical "when to hunt app".  Rather, it's a great tool to compliment a hunters woodsmanship skills and a single source for weather conditions, terrain features, moon phases, etc... and breaks down specific areas in the country to help hunters process the information that can help us to be more successful.  In this episode, Bill breaks down some of the scientific data that has come from research facilities from across the nation.